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Information on Revaccination Due to Storage Temperatures

For nearly 40 years, the doctors and staff at Advocare Pediatric Physicians of Burlington County have taken great pride in working diligently to ensure the health and safety of the young lives entrusted to our care. The well-being of our patients is at the heart of our mission.

Despite our commitment to quality care, we were disappointed to learn of temperature fluctuations in our vaccine storage units resulting from a malfunction in the temperature control system. Due to this malfunction, some of the vaccines we administered between early 2016 and early August 2017 were intermittently exposed to temperatures outside the recommended storage range. These vaccines were not harmful; however, the exposure to these temperatures may have made the vaccines less effective.  

We want to assure you that the situation has been corrected and that new safeguards have been put in place to prevent such a situation from happening again. We have installed vaccine storage units with new digital microprocessor temperature control technology, added back-up specialized vaccine thermometers and temperature alarms, provided additional staff training, implemented new policies and procedures, and appointed a Medical Director who oversees daily monitoring of our vaccine supply.

Letters were mailed on March 19, 2018 to all patients who may need revaccinations.  To ensure the best protection against all vaccine preventable diseases, we recommend that anyone who received a letter discuss revaccination with our healthcare experts by calling our Vaccine Information Line at 800-328-2142 on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm.  This will allow us to discuss options and determine the best course of action for individual patients.  Not all vaccines need to be repeated.

You can find additional information in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

To accommodate the busy schedules of our patients and families, we have set up additional office hours on weekends and evenings for revaccinations. No one will be charged for the visit(s) or revaccination(s). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened and why did some patients receive a letter?
Who is affected by this situation?
What should patients do if they were seen at Advocare Pediatric Physicians of Burlington County but did not receive a letter?
Why am I just learning about this now?
How do I find out which vaccines were affected?
Do all affected vaccines need to be repeated?
Is it possible the vaccines were effective?
If my child received one of the affected vaccines, is he/she going to be excluded from school or preschool/childcare? What if I decide not to revaccinate my child?
How do I schedule an appointment for revaccinations?
What actions have been taken to address this situation?
Who can I speak with if I have more questions about this situation?
What are the risks from receiving an improperly stored vaccine?
Is it harmful to receive more than the recommended doses of a vaccine?
Do all the vaccines need to be restarted?
What if my child received a flu vaccine that was affected?
Who is going to pay for the cost of revaccination?
How long will it take to complete these revaccinations?
What if I don’t want to revaccinate?
Has Advocare Pediatric Physicians of Burlington County ever experienced an issue with vaccine storage units before this?
Can I get a copy of the vaccination records with lot numbers?

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